For those of you visiting Anegada on a day trip, you're likely to take the first ferry at 7am from Road Town, Tortola. You will be here by 8.15am, stop by with us to get oriented. We are a short walk from the ferry dock.
Moorings & Dinghy Dock
Beach Shuttle
Live Music
Pool Table
TV at the Bar
The Purple Turtle
After breakfast at Potter's, take a short walk to Sue's Gift Shop. This is a surprisingly tasteful and well stocked little store, and is an Aladin's Cave, for such a remote island.
Dinghy Tour or Bone Fishing
Garfield or Danny will be able to take you on an adventurous tour of the reef and the protected mangorves, where you will enjoy a view of the nursary of wild life: Young turtles, puppy sharks, baby baracuda, all at a hand's distance. Pass the conch shell pile and weave amongst the coral heads. Wonderful sights!
Flamingo Pond
There are times when you will see in excess of fifty flamingoes flying passed you. A pink spectacular! These birds are native to the island and feed on brine shrimp which gives them their natural pink glow.
Oh those beaches!
The beaches of Anegada are legendary, long stretches of untouched beach where you may walk in solitude and enjoy the sound of silence. Such excessive beauty you are guaranteed a moment of the peace.
Iguanas in their Natural Habitat
Rock Iguanas are native to the Virgin Islands. On Anegada you'll be able to see the rock iguanas at every stage of thier development, from hatching to adolescence, to maturity at the Settlement Project.
Consider these options for the rest of your day:
A Day In Anegada
Diving the "Drowned Island"
Anegada is the third largest barrier reef in the world, and has many caverns, swim-throughs and wrecks on it's shores. You can dive with or
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Getting Here
Beautiful Anegada! See our friend's recent trip here...
Before departing on the homeward ferry, stop by and enjoy an ‘end of the day cocktail’. You can see the ferry boat arriving well in advance, so why not sit comfortably taking in the view.
The Last Hurrah!